IBEW FMCP Medical, Dental, Prescription and Vision Plan Update

The NECA / IBEW Family Medical Care Plan (FMCP) are scheduled to start August 1, 2014, for all Members covered by the MIFA I agreement.

Medical, Dental, Vision and Prescription drug plans will be administered by the NECA / IBEW Family Medical Care Plan commencing August 1, 2014. The Medical plan continues to be Blue Cross / Blue Shield. The Dental plan will remain MetLife. The Vision plan will remain VSP. The Prescription Drug plan will become Sav-Rx. All of the plans have the same benefit levels as the current plan you have today.

The $200 / $400 deductible will be honored if you have already partially or fully paid the deductible to date. The IBEW manages the Medical plan and will take into account monies you have already paid toward the 2014 deductible.

SAV-RX will administer the prescription Drug plan. SAV-RX is a union company that is a vendor under the NECA / IBEW Family Medical Care Plan. The deductible for this plan will start over on August 1, 2014, and annually on January 1st every year after. The plan has a mail order for a 90 day supply for maintenance drugs. Please remember that you will need to sign up under the new mail order plan thru Sav-Rx to continue your mail order prescriptions starting August 1, 2014.

During the week of July 15th, the FMCP and Sav-RX will mail via USPS, ID Cards and a Welcome kit to all employees who are currently enrolled in the Frontier MIFA medical, dental and vision plan. The Welcome Kit will include information about the IBEW FMCP medical, dental and vision carriers as well as a copy of the IBEW FMCP Plan 16 Summary Plan Description (SPD).

Plan Enrollment Tier Employee Contribution – NECA/IBEW Plan
Non-Tobacco User (Tobacco User)
EE $20.08 ($47.36)
EE + Spouse $38.17 ($65.47)
EE + 1 or more Children $35.70 ($62.99)
Family $53.07 ($80.36)