MIFA#1 Bargaining Update

Negotiations between Frontier and MIFA I continued in the Escalation Stage in Baltimore, MD, from March 9, 2015, through March 13, 2015, without the parties reaching a full tentative agreement.

The Company and the Union have reached a tentative agreement on dues deductions for Michigan’s right to work for less language, and two local proposals for Ohio. A total of 3 tentatives have been reach in Ohio, restrictions on “Ready Now”, wage adjustment when working out of class and work schedules while on loan. South Carolina has agreed to a Labor Advisory Forum in the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Call Center to bring Labor and Management together to discuss issues of concern for both parties in the center.

There are still many major unresolved issues left on the table. The issues are member contribution to healthcare, reductions in Sunday premium, overtime premiums, 401 K match for members with a pension, establishing a 2 tier Short Term Disability schedule, the use of contractors and a respectable general wage increase.

The Union has challenged the Company’s proposal on contractor use as a permissive subject of bargaining, which means it need not be entertained at the table. We will be working in concert with the International’s legal counsel to determine our next course of action. Whether that be to file a ULP or if we will need to arbitrate the eligibility of the proposal. Based on the parties’ position, a mutually agreeable resolution is not on the horizon anytime soon.

The parties did agreed to review the other proposals and determine if any middle ground can be found or to continue on to interest arbitration.

The old saying still rings true today, “United we bargain – Divided we beg.”

Support your Union, your Negotiating Team, attend your Union meeting, be informed and have a voice in the process.

In Solidarity,

Your IBEW Negotiating Team

IBEW Local Unions 71 – OH, 289 – NC, 1106 – MI, 1431 – SC