IBEW / Frontier Interest Arbitration Update

The MIFA I bargaining team notified the Company of its intent to invoke the Interest Arbitration process on October 7, 2015. Prior to this decision, a conference call was held with all of the Locals involved in the MIFA agreements. In having the unanimous support of the SCT 7 fiscally, we engaged the law firm of Nolan / Perroni / Harrington / LLP to represent us throughout the Interest Arbitration process. Their home office is located in Lowell, MA. Upon notifying the Company of this decision, they in turn discarded their own in house legal counsel and employed the law firm of JONES DAY® – One Firm Worldwide℠ located in San Francisco, CA, to represent them. But that was only temporary! Currently Proskauer is Frontier’s law firm of choice to represent them in Interest Arbitration. Proskauer is a global firm with offices located from Hong Kong to Paris. I would wager that they get time and a half for working Sundays!

How ironic is it that Frontier has the monies to hire and fire legal defense firms that could potentially cost them more than if they would just withdraw the concessionary proposals. Welcome to the “New Frontier!” It’s all about power.

The location for the hearing is tentatively set to take place in Washington, DC. Due to the holidays are almost upon us and the fact that good arbitrators are always booked in advance, it is anticipated that a formal hearing will not occur before January 2016. The American Arbitration Association has been contacted and we are hopeful an arbitrator will be selected soon.

The first meeting with our legal counsel is scheduled for December 2, 2015, to begin preparation of our case. We will notify you of any new information as soon as it becomes available.

Your patience is greatly appreciated as we continue to work through this process.

In Solidarity,

Your IBEW Negotiating Team

IBEW Local Unions 71 – OH, 289 – NC, 1106 – MI, 1431 – SC