IBEW/Frontier Interest Arbitration Update

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

We have received notification from our legal counsel, Nolan / Perroni / Harrington LLP, that the parties have completed the selection process for an arbitrator. The American Arbitration Association (AAA) has been notified of the selection and we are now waiting on their confirmation of the appointment. It is anticipated that will occur during the week of January 17, 2016.

As we continue our preparation for the formal arbitration hearing, we will also be exploring the available dates that the parties will be able to meet. As you may or may not be aware each party shall have twelve (12) hours, (1½ hearing days), to present its position including rebuttal. Additional time will only be allowed by mutual agreement of the Company, the Union, and the 3rd party neutral Arbitrator.

Throughout the course of this Interest Arbitration process, the 3rd party neutral Arbitrator may seek (and is encouraged), to mediate a mutually agreed contract settlement by the parties.

At the conclusion of the proceedings, each party will present its final contract proposal which shall consist of the tentatively resolved (TA’d) proposals and the party’s final position on each unresolved proposal on a “Package” basis. The 3rd party neutral Arbitrator will select either the Company or the Union Package as the final settlement of negotiations.

At this time the location for the hearing is still scheduled to be held in Washington, DC. We appreciate your continued patience as we work through this process.

In Solidarity,

Your IBEW Negotiating Team
IBEW Local Unions 71 – OH, 289 – NC, 1106 – MI, 1431 – SC