MIFA I / Frontier Negotiations Update

Contract negotiations between the Local Unions in MIFA I and the company continued for the seventh week in Myrtle Beach, SC. The bargaining sessions continued to be held at the Call Center located in Myrtle Beach.

As of March 22, 2018, all proposals by both parties were required to be passed across the table by the structured bargaining MOA. MIFA I passed forty-four (44) proposals to the company that improve our wages and benefits. The Union has received ten (10) proposals from the company that are all reductions in benefits.

The parties are now in the second and final week of the mediation process. We have made little head way with the company. The Union has countered many of the company proposals and the Company has not responded to the majority of the Unions proposals. The company and the Union remain at odds on several key issues such as wages, healthcare, and combination of job titles, other benefits and work rules. It is the Union’s stance that as the company continues to demand more and more from fewer and fewer of our members. Therefore we should have a compensation package that is fair and equitable. The Union bargaining committee will continue as always to strive towards that goal.

Please show support for your Union Negotiating Committee, as this is your contract! We need your voice to be heard telling Management that we expect a fair contract to work under and will do what it takes to get one. We will continue to keep you posted as developments take place.


IBEW Negotiating Team
IBEW Local Union 71-OH, 289-NC, 1106-MI, 1431-SC